Want To Become A Surf Life Rescuer In Australia?

Beach life guard jobs in Sydney are really cool.

But before you landed in Australia, I’m sure you thought being a surf life rescuer looked like this:

life rescuer

But after going to the beach in Sydney, you realised that it looked more like that in real life:

life rescuer 2

The hats look great though (not). Anyway, dear expat friend, why don’t you try your chance at becoming a surf rescuer in Australia? The waves are really rough and there are lots of people to save, unfortunately. This is a volunteer type of job, but it would look great on your expat CV/Linkedin account, and you could make friends and do some networking to find your dream job in Australia.

Of course, you would have to deal with treacherous currents, hungry great white sharks, venomous blue bottle jellyfish and angry octopuses, but that’s part of the fun, right? To learn more about this fantastic job, just visit your local Surf Life Saving website!


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