Top 10 Reasons To Go On A Working Holiday Visa In Australia

Are you wondering if you should be getting a Working holiday visa for Australia ?

Well guess what: you shouldn’t hesitate for a second. Australia will be bigger and better than you imagined, and I compiled 10 reasons why you’ll never ever want to leave this beautiful country at the end of your Working Holiday Down Under.

1.Australia is absolutely gorgeous


Where can you see kangaroos having dinner in the sunset? Only in Australia. During your working holiday visa Australia, you’ll discover fantastic landscapes, animals and people that you’ve never seen before. It’ll be an experience that you’ll never forget. You should think about bringing a good camera with you, because you’ll be taking hundreds of pictures! There are so many must see places in Australia…

2.You’ll make lots of friends during your working holiday

friends australia

Once you land in Oz, you’re going to meet lots of fellow working holiday makers and backpackers, from all over the world. You’re going to start new friendships with them, and share lots of fun and adventures whether you go to the beach together, to the pub or maybe go on a road trip to the Outback. You’re going to help each other and discover other cultures that you didn’t know about. Going back to your country will seem very boring in comparison!

3.You’re going to discover new things about yourself


Going on a working holiday in Australia is fun, but it’s not always easy. Before you leave, you will have to understand how to apply for a working holiday visa in Australia and get organised. Then, once you’re Down Under, you’ll have to  look for an apartment/backpacker hostel, and a job! It will not always be straightforward, and you might get frustrated sometimes. This Australian adventure will test you, and you’ll discover that you have the courage and motivation required to succeed. Many working holiday makers also try exciting things such as surfing, sky-diving or mountain climbing for the first time during their trip to Australia!

4.You’re going to discover the “No worries, mate” attitude

no worries mate

What you heard is true: Aussies ARE really chilled out. They’ll often say “No worries, mate”, even if something terrible just happened. Australians don’t stress easily and are really friendly. They’re anything but confrontational, and you might find life a bit easier in Australia than in your country, because people are so kind and respectful. Of course, you’ll have to behave in the same way. If there’s one thing that angers Aussies, it’s working holiday makers or backpackers who litter or don’t pay for things!

5.You’re going to party and have fun

sydney party

Of course, you’re going on an Australian working holiday to discover another way of life, beautiful landscapes and fascinating cities. But another important reason is to party and have fun! After all, once you’ll be back home, you’ll have to find a 9 to 5 job, be stuck in the subway or in trafic jams, and pay for a mortgage. So why not enjoy life when you’re young and go on an Australian working holiday to have a blast with your new friends Down Under? There are plenty of clubs, pubs, beaches, restaurants and bars to mingle and have fun.

6.You’re going to be more active

lifeguards bondi

Thanks to the beautiful weather, Australians are very outdoorsy, sporty people. You’ll be surrounded with very fit Aussies that will make you want to be sporty too! Maybe you’ll be joining a gym for the first time, or go for swims at Bondi Beach? Or what about working as a beach lifeguard to help people and make a living? In any case, you definitely won’t be staying in your room, because you’re going to travel all around the place and have a very active lifestyle. You’ll be walking like you’ve never walked before!

7.You’ll become more independent


Leaving your family and friends behind to fly to the other side of the world may sound scary, and that’s exactly why you decided to go on a working holiday visa in Australia! This new adventure is a great way to prove that you can live on your own, make your own decisions and take care of yourself without having to ask your parents for money all the time! It takes guts to go on a working holiday visa; many people would be too afraid to do so. By applying for a working holiday visa, you’re already showing that you’re adventurous, brave and a free spirit.

8.You may become an Australian citizen

australian citizenship

Maybe you’ll be so much in love with Australia, that you’ll decide you want to become an Australian citizen? Who knows, maybe you’ll find a great job and your employer will sponsor you, which can help you get your citizenship. Or maybe you’ll meet an Australian girlfriend/boyfriend, and you’ll want to stay in Australia to live with them? Anything is possible during a working holiday visa, and you never know what the future holds for you. Many people are fed up with their own country, and they’re really happy to live the Aussie dream and be able to call Australia their new home.

9. You’ll discover other countries that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise

new zealand

When you go on a Working holiday visa to Australia, you have the opportunity to visit wonderful countries that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise because they’re so far away. You can fly or sail to New Zealand, where Peter Jackson shot the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit movies, or to Bali in Indonesia, or to beautiful Pacific islands like New Caledonia or Vanuatu. Each of these destinations are very different from Australia, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time visiting them.

10.You’ll learn new skills

learn english

A working holiday in Australia is a great way to perfect your English if it’s not your first language. You can also learn new skills: caring for children, learning aquatic rescue, working as a trafic controller, keeping animals in a farm, or even learning a new job that’s in demand in Australia. Your Australian working holiday is the best time to obtain new skills that will be useful for the rest of your life. So be daring, be self confident, and go for it!

Enjoy your WHV!