How To Find A Working Holiday Job Or Backpacker Job In Australia ?

Looking for working holiday jobs in Australia?

Or maybe you’re a backpacker and trying to find work to fund your trip Down Under? Read our tips on how you can find a working holiday / backpacker job in Australia!

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Try to make a good impression

You should write a concise resume and cover letter with all the information the employer or recruiter has requested. If you’re applying for a basic job, you can write a one paragraph cover letter describing your skills and why you’re a good candidate for this role. Do not use SMS language or abbreviations. Write properly and check your spelling to make a good impression and stand out from the crowd.

The quality of your application is more important than the quantity of resumes and cover letters that you send. Instead of emailing hundreds of badly written applications, it’s better to send a few really well drafted ones to the right employers.

Customize your cover letter and resume for each application

Your cover letter, and especially the first paragraph, should catch the employer or recruiter’s attention. Try to mention the company and what they do so that your potential employer sees that you did your research and that you’re interested in their organisation. You should also adapt your resume to make it relevant to the position you’re applying for. If you’re interested in a cherry farm Tasmania job for instance, explain why you want that particular position.

Be careful of scammers

If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of a business, you can ask an employer for their trading name, ABN or ACN if you think they might be scammers and then do an ABN Lookup to analyse the company’s registration. There are lots of dishonest people on the web who like to prey on young working holiday makers or backpackers to get their money, so you should watch out. The Internet can be a real jungle… Better be prepared than sorry!

How to find Working Holiday Visa Maker jobs or Backpackers jobs

fruit picking australia

These websites display job ads for working holiday makers and backpackers:

Be particularly careful when you apply for fruit picking jobs in Australia. There have been quite a few horror stories about working holiday visa holders or backpackers being exploited while working these types of jobs. Always check the company’s credentials before you accept their job offer.

When you apply for a work holiday maker job / backpacker job, you can send your resume and cover letter by email, but you should also print them and give them directly to employers when you see an ad in a shop window, in a cafe, bakery etc.

Second Working Holiday Visa Australia

To extend your visa to a second year, you’ll need to find what is called “specified work”. It can be a bit challenging, but nothing is impossible!

You’ll need to complete three months (or 88 days) worth of specified regional work for a second year visa in Australia. The easiest 2nd year visa jobs to find are fruit picking, farm work or horticultural work. Follow these tips if you’re considering this type of work:

  • If you don’t like the heat, avoid the Outback. It’s very hot in there!
  • Visit the regions where you would like to apply for a job and don’t hesitate to talk to local farmers and recruiters.
  • Be prepared. Thousands of young foreigners apply for an Australian working holiday visa, and many of them decide to stay on a second year. You’ll have lots of competition, so try to stay in the closest town or city in advance to be first in line when these farms or companies begin hiring people.
  • Once you get a regional farm or fruit picking job, bring insect repellent, sunscreen and anything else you need with you. The nearest town could be miles away, so you might not be able to go shopping for a while!
  • While you’re working, collect bank statements, employer references or pay slips to prove you’ve completed the requirement. Then, once you have worked three months, you can begin the process of extending your visa to stay in Australia for another year. Great news!

2nd year visa jobs: how to work in a farm

backpackers farm work

You don’t need to tell farmers and agricultural labour recruiters that you only want to do the farm work to get a second year visa. If you do, they might think you’re not really motivated by the job and might put your resume at the bottom of the pile. When trying to find farming jobs in Australia, you should always look very interested in the position you’re applying for. It shouldn’t sound like you’re just doing it for practical reasons.

Never pay money to anybody before you arrive

Lots of scammers tell working holiday makers that they’ll give them a job if they send them a recruiter’s fee, or a month’s rent to stay in the farm’s living quarters etc. When the poor victims try to contact these “recruiters” again to start their job, they realise these companies never existed in the first place…

You can always contact Fair Work Australia to make sure your potential employer is following all the rules and is not a scammer.

What to do if you’re being exploited or badly treated

Unfortunately, sometimes working holiday makers and backpackers in Australia are exploited by their employers. Here are a few tips if you’re being mistreated or if you’re not being paid enough money:

  • Check websites like Fair Work Australia to see what’s the minimum wage in your sector
  • Contact fair work Australia if you have questions or if you realise you’re being exploited
  • If your employer does anything illegal (assault you, ask you for sexual favors etc.), don’t hesitate to tell people around you and to contact the local police

You should never accept these types of behaviours, and you should be paid the right amount of money for your hard work.

Be ready for your interview

Try to read about the company before your interview. You should also:

  • Be relaxed. Maybe meditate before the interview, do something you enjoy or spend some quality time with your friends to feel good about yourself
  • Try to have a few answers ready for the usual questions an interviewer might ask you
  • Wear nice clothes. Don’t go to the interview bare feet or wearing flip flops
  • Be polite. Say Hello, Thank you etc. This can give you the edge over other candidates
  • Be self confident. Show the interviewer that you know what you want, and that you have the right skills and motivation for the job

After the interview

  • Don’t hesitate to call or email the employer to see how your application is going. This will show them that you’re very motivated
  • If they decide to not hire you, ask them why. This can be very useful feedback for your next application
  • Continue applying for other jobs. You’re not sure that this particular company is going to hire you, so you have to be proactive and look for other opportunities while you’re waiting for their answer
  • Be patient. There’s no use stressing over things. Worrying won’t help you get a job!

2nd year visa Australia without farm work

The best option for working holiday makers who didn’t want to do farm work to obtain a second year working holiday visa was to try to get a 457 visa, but unfortunately, it has been cancelled in April 2017.

Good luck in your working holiday visa maker / backpacker job hunt!